Hi. If you’re here, you probably know me from my work hosting, producing, and reporting stories on the NPR podcast Invisibilia (RIP 😓). I was there for a long time. Some of my favorite hits include diving into the uncomfortable world of racial sexual preferences and whether you can change them, a revolt against the mainstream media in Stockton, California, and the status of friend therapy with the one and only Esther Perel.

You can find me making occasional dad jokes on Twitter and being “cheugy” on Instagram. But this newsletter is for overthinking on feelings, ideas, and narratives - and the mechanics of how these squishy forces shape us and our world in confusing ways.

You’ll also get updates about what I’m working on and doing next. (Like hopefully making another podcast!)

Thanks for spending time with me. I’ll try to make this a good hang 🤙🏼.

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Yowei Shaw

Podcast journalist at your service || Formerly: co-host & editorial lead of NPR's Invisibilia